Team Selection Policy


The #1 team in each gender/age group will be the strongest team the club can field. Subsequent teams may place increased emphasis on player commitment and friendships. Each team will be selected based on the following;

  • Skills – player equivalent skill level
  • Player balance, team positional structure
  • Development, identify players with potential development
  • We aim for 7 players in each team with a maximum of 8 players. This may be increased at the discretion of the committee.


Selection based on:

  • Skill – offence, defence, ball handling and use
  • Attitude – game, training, team orientation and effort
  • Commitment – attendance (at both games & training) & reliability
  • Friendships (where other criteria allow)
  • Age (where other criteria allow)
  • Financial – registration fees have been paid, or an agreed payment plan is in place

Friendship Requests

Friendship requests must be submitted to the club’s Secretary in writing and outline the following, before the close of player registration date.

  • Players Name
  • Parent/Guardian names
  • Contact details
  • Current age group & team
  • Detail reason for request
  • Signed by both players’ parents/guardians

The following consideration will apply to all friendship requests:

  • Should the player be of unequal ability, the stronger player must be prepared to play in a lower ranked team.
  • The club Secretary is satisfied that the presence of the stronger player will not have an impact on the grading of the team or any other effected that could be detrimental to the other players within the team.

Age Group Requests

In accordance with the Knox Junior Domestic Rules;

2.1.2 The criteria for eligibility within each age group are: –

  • Summer Season – A player must be under the age stated in the relative age group by the 31st of December of the year of the competition.
  • Winter Season – A player must be under the age stated in the relative age group by the 30th of June of the year of the competition.

In other words, a player’s date of birth must be before the 31st of December or the 30th of June for the summer and winter seasons respectively.

A request to be selected in a higher age group must be submitted in writing to the club’s Executive Committee for consideration and contain the following information, before the close of player registration date:

  • Players Name
  • Parent/Guardian names
  • Contact details
  • Current age group & team
  • Detail reason for request

Requests for players to be selected within a higher age group, i.e. exemption to the above rule 2.1.2, the following consideration will apply:

The player requesting to move up an age group will not disadvantage players in the higher age group.  i.e. they will not take the place of any other player that qualifies to be selected in that age group.

Notifications of outcome of requests

All requestors will be notified in writing once decision has been made.

Dispute Resolution

Should a dispute arise between a coach or coordinator as to team placement of a player, the executive committee are to appoint three independent representatives of the club to review the dispute and if required arrange a time to view the player/s in dispute before making a decision on the player’s team placement.

Team Selection Process

Teams shall be selected from the following information:

  • Player criteria
  • Team criteria
  • Coaches feedback
  • Open discussion by team coaches & Age Group Co-ordinators at selection meeting
  • Age Group Co-ordinators assessment
  • Requests either friendship or higher age-group
  • Selected teams will remain confidential until such time as they are released by the coordinator to the coach.  This will occur as soon as practicable after the former season’s grand finals are played. Coaches will make contact with their players within 48 hours of receiving their team list.