Registration and Financial Policy

Registration fees are collected by The Basin Wildcats Basketball Club at a date determined by the committee within a reasonable timeframe prior to the season starting to allow teams to be selected and entered into the season competition in accordance with the registration dates provided by KBI.

To be considered a Registered player of The Basin Wildcats Basketball Club you must have paid your seasonal fees (which includes the registration fee and team sheet fees) and this defines you as a financial player.

Registrations will be completed online and will be open for a four-week period. The first two weeks will be the early bird period and a discount is given. Registration for the summer season will be open in approximately August each year and registration for the winter season will open in approximately March each year.

In order to be selected for a team in the next season registration and team sheet fees for the next season must be paid. Current player’s must register for the next season by the cut-off date for registrations or they will not be eligible for team placement.

Payment of fees is important to allow our club to operate, without them we cannot cover the costs of

  • Team Registrations fees
  • Weekly Team sheets
  • Training Venue Hire Costs
  • Coaches bags and training equipment
  • Club events and awards

No Pay, No Play

Fees must be paid by the due date or the club will apply the “No Pay, No Play” guideline. Players will not be allowed to take the court if registration and team sheet fees have not been paid. Late payment of fees after the due date may affect team placement of a player and a late fee may be charged.

Financial Hardship

The Basin Wildcats recognises that some members may be experiencing some financial hardship that make payment of fees difficult.  If this is the case please contact the club treasurer or president as soon as possible to discuss any available options to help you with this matter.


By registering, a player is committing to play for the season they are registering for.

By registering, players from under 8 to under 16 are committing to attend weekly training sessions.  Should a player be unable to attend a training session or game, contact must be made with the team manager or coach to notify them of non-attendance.  Should no contact be made with the team manager or coach, the player may receive reduced court time at the next game.

New Players

New to basketball under 8 to under 12 players commencing before round 8 will receive registration free and will pay prorata team sheet fees. New to basketball under 8 to under 12 players commencing from round 9 or after will pay prorata registration and prorata team sheet fees and will receive the following season registration fee free and will only be liable for team sheet fees for that season.

New players to the club from under 8 to under 23 who have played basketball before will be required to pay full registration and team sheet fees upon their registration being finalised.

New players commencing during a season will be determined at the discretion of the club’s executive committee based on current player numbers in the relevant age group.


No refunds will be given for a player withdrawing after teams have been released. A player withdrawing after registration but prior to teams being released will incur a $35.00 administration fee.

At the discretion of the executive committee a partial refund may be given for a player withdrawing after teams are released due to exceptional circumstances where a player is unable to play due to circumstances beyond their control. (eg. Long term injury).

A player who suffers an injury or illness throughout the season will not be eligible for a refund unless agreed to by the executive committee. Such a player would need to lodge a medical certificate and will not be eligible to play finals and must be unable to play for more than 6 games.