Misc Information


The club/committee will occasionally forward emails/communication directly to members or via team managers for distribution or follow up with their teams. Players should ensure their contact details are always kept up to date by notifying our club secretary at secretary@basinwildcats.com if any contact details change.

New members are encouraged to join our facebook group ‘The Basin Wildcats Basketball Club Members Only Communications’


Team managers usually ensure players are aware of when/where their team is playing, however members can view fixture information directly on the Knox Basketball website http://www.knoxbasketball.com.au or the SportsTG Game Day App.  Fixture changes do sometimes occur. Check the Knox website weekly for fixture changes to ensure you are up to date.


Players are asked to arrive at least 10-15 minutes before a game.  If a player is unable to play, please give the coach plenty of notice during the week so there is time to arrange a fill in player if needed.

GAME VENUES – http://www.sportingpulse.com/assoc_page.cgi?c=0-2307-0-0-0&a=VENUE

Fairhills High School: 330 Scoresby Rd Knoxfield 3180
Knox: Park Cres Boronia 3155
Rowville Community Centre: Fulham Rd Rowville 3178
Rowville Eastern Campus (Sec. College) : Humphries Way Rowville 3178
St Josephs: Brenock Park Dr Ferntree Gully 3155
State Basketball Centre: 291 George St Wantirna South 3152
Upwey (High School) : 1451 Burwood Hwy Upwey 3158


$2.50 entry per person including players (children under five are free on Saturdays).
$3.00 entry per person on Sundays (U19 – U23 games)
Note: Doorkeepers do not keep change of $50, or accept credit cards
A stamp (from the stadium door) allows entry into all other Knox basketball stadiums on that day.


All parents (except the coach and team manager) are expected to assist with scoring. The team manager will make up a scoring roster. If parents are unable to score their allocated day it is up to them to swap with another person. If someone does not know how to score the team manager can arrange for another parent to assist.


The club provides a basic first aid kit that is signed out to the coach. Your coach or team manager will have the first aid kit at each game and training session. Ice is available at Knox and State Basketball Centre (via the doorkeepers), otherwise team mangers should have their own ice packs available. If a player is injured, parents or guardians are able to assist them once they have left the court.  No one other than the coach can approach an injured player on the court.

It is recommended that all players have Ambulance Membership just in case of an unexpected emergency.


To minimise on court injuries jewellery should be removed or covered with tape and fingernails should be kept short or if necessary covered with tape.


A blood rule is enforced at all basketball games. If blood is spilled on the court, the game will be stopped until it is removed. A bleeding player cannot continue to play until the wound is covered and blood removed. A player cannot play if there is a significant amount of blood remaining on their


If a player or parent is reported, please notify the boy/girl coordinator and club secretary as soon as possible. Please take a note of any witnesses and provide these details also.


If a player has been absent due to illness or injury for an extended length of time, a medical certificate stating the date of the injury/illness and the expected length of time until player can resume activity must be submitted to the club within 2 weeks of the injury/illness. The club’s medical coordinator will then complete an application for ‘game credits’ to Knox Basketball with the aim that the player can retain eligibility for finals if required.
The certificate can be left in the Basin Wildcats mailbox at Knox Stadium (near office /courts 4) or scanned and emailed to medicals@basinwildcats.com.


To be eligible for finals players must play half of the season plus one and they always round up – byes do not count as played in the total but walkovers do count. eg – 17 games divided by 2 = 8.5 and round up to 9 plus 1 =10. If a player has any concerns regarding potentially not being eligible for finals, speak with your coach or contact the club secretary or relevant coordinator.


If you wish to take photographs or video of a game, even if it is primarily of your child, it is suggested (out of courtesy) that you notify the opposition to seek their permission in order to avoid any potential issues.