Season Information

There are two seasons of basketball each year – Winter and Summer.  Winter season runs from May through to October and Summer season runs from November through to May. Under 8’s to 16’s games are played on a Saturday and 19’s and 23’s are played on Sunday nights.

Each season has approximately 17 rounds of basketball games with the first 7 rounds being classed as grading rounds. The highest grade being A grade and lowest  being G in some age groups.  The grading rounds allow teams to be moved around at the start of the season to find the correct level for the team to be playing in. In the grading rounds the fixture will only be released a few weeks at time to allow for movement of teams each week where necessary.


The last 3 games of the season are finals games for teams finishing in the top 4 spots on the ladder

Semi Finals are played:

1st v’s 2nd team on season ladder
3rd v’s 4th team on season ladder
Winning Team from 1st v’s 2nd goes into the Grand Final
Losing Team from 1st v’s 2nd plays the Preliminary Final
Winning Team from 3rd v’s 4th plays the Preliminary Final
Losing team from 3rd v’s 4th is eliminated.

Preliminary Finals:

Winning team advances to the Grand Final
Losing team is eliminated.
Under 8’s Encouragement Day
At the end of each season Knox Basketball runs an under 8 encouragement day.  This is in place of having finals for under 8’s, they are able to play a game and be presented with a medal at the end of the game and will be able to have their team and individual photo taken.


Specific dates for each round can be found on the KBA Calendar (click the link below):