Medical Policy

If a player suffers injury or is ill and as result will miss games, the club and Knox Basketball will require a medical certificate to be supplied. This is to ensure the player can remain eligible to play in the finals even if they have not played the minimum number of games.

Providing a medical certificate also enables the team to use substitute players during finals games if the injured player cannot play because of their injury, but only if appropriate medical certificates have been supplied.

What do we need members to do?

If a player is unable to play basketball due to injury or illness you will need to submit a medical certificate to the club secretary within 18 days of the date of illness/injury.

The medical certificate must be issued by a medical practitioner or allied health professional (such as Physiotherapist, Osteopath) and have a start and an end date.

If the player is able to return to playing prior to the end date, then a letter of clearance will need to be provided clearing the player in order for them to return to the court early.

The timely provision of medical certificates ensures that full-strength teams can be fielded during finals so your assistance and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

All medicals are to be submitted to the club by being placed in our “Basin” box at the Knox Stadium or by email to