Financial Hardship Policy

The Basin Basketball Club was formed in 1975. We are a non-for-profit community club heavily reliant on the positive outcomes from funding applications, donations and the timely payment of club fees.

The club is supported by the many volunteers within the various roles across the clubs committee members, coaching staff and team managers. We are a proud community club with over 300 players and 50 volunteers. Any profit made by the club goes directly back into the operations of the club and for the purchase of club resources, assets and associated expenses in assisting the club sustainability and growth, into the future.

Why do we pay fees?

The club receives no external ongoing funding. As reported at the AGM, revenue comes from KBI player fees, sausage sizzles, fundraising events, donations, grant applications and merchandise sales. The revenue is to cover the costs of

  • Hire of the training venue
  • Walk over fees
  • Fee payments to the Knox Basketball Association
  • Spare club uniforms
  • Stationary and rental of venues
  • Trophies/Awards
  • Training, education and donation to support up and coming players
  • Purchase of first aid kits and club equipment

In Supporting Families

The club attempts to support families whom have more than one child playing basketball with reduced fees for the second and third child and the club has a discounted early bird fee.

We offer families new to basketball reduced fees to further support with the initial costs of their first season. For new to basketball Under 8 to under 12 Players, registration fees are wavered for the first season. Team sheet fees are still payable.

The club aims to keep fees affordable.

Expenses for players/families

Expenses for families include registration fees, team sheets, purchase of uniform and stadium entry.

Financial Hardship Responsibilities

As a non-for-profit club, we rely on the success of external funding grants, donations and the income generated by the KBI fees to fund the clubs expenses.

Families are expected to contact the club if they are not in a position to pay the fees by the due date.  This will involve contacting the clubs president or treasurer. We encourage you to contact our club to discuss an alternative payment option.

The club will work together to support families. The club respects the sensitive nature that this may bring, each family situation will be dealt with in a private and confidential manner.

Payment Options Include

  • Development of an affordable payment plan
  • The reduction of fees: within a payment plan
  • Deferment of payment: until an agreed date where financial circumstances are temporary
  • Fees can be waived or cancelled on a short-term basis. This is a time-limited option with in the given season

Important Information: 

  • For an extension this will be the responsibility of the family to contact the club.
  • Financial support is unable to waivered for entry fees or team sheet expenses as these are expense paid to a third party and not to the club.
  • Financial hardship may be temporary due to one-off extraordinary circumstances, for example medical bills associated with an illness
  • Financial hardship may be longer term and we encourage families to see financial support and counselling services available at Knox Community Health, EACH family services, Anglicare family services and the Community Citizen advice bureau to name a few.
  • Receipt of a healthcare card or benefit does not by itself constitute the determination of financial hardship for consideration of fee payment
  • This consideration is in respect of current families, whom are totally reliant on Centrelink benefits that pay their fees on time.

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