Uniform Policy

All players must wear the official Basin Wildcats Basketball uniform during all games.  The uniform consists of

  • Wildcats Basketball singlet with number
  • Wildcats Basketball Short

When a new player is registered with The Basin Wildcats they will be issued with a player number which you will keep for the duration of your membership. Player numbers are allocated by our uniform coordinator and no new player should order their uniform until they are aware of their number.

Ordering Uniforms

Once you have your player number, uniforms are ordered by members directly through the club’s uniform supplier, The Print Shop.

The Print Shop

967 Mountain Hwy, Boronia (Cnr of Mountain Hwy and Macquarie Place)

Phone: 03 9720 3585

Email: sales@theprintshop.net.au

Website: http://www.theprintshop.net.au/

Loan Uniforms

Loan Uniforms are available to be used for the two to three weeks it takes for a uniform to be made and can be arranged by contacting the uniform coordinator. See the Basin Wildcats Website for Uniform coordinator contact details.

After ordering your uniform a copy of the order receipt and a deposit of $40 will be required to be given to the uniform coordinator when picking up the loan uniform. If no receipt is shown to show a uniform has been ordered then a deposit of $80 is required.

Playing numbers 1 to 3 have been allocated as loan uniform numbers so as to avoid any clashes with player numbers already in a team.

Should there be a clash in numbers when teams are selected for a season, the player who registered with the club last is required to wear a loan uniform number for the season/s of which there is a clash. The club provides the loan top to the newer player at no charge for the relevant season/s.

Clash Uniform

Our alternate tops are available for teams to wear when playing another Basin team. The away team (second named team) on the fixture is to wear the alternate top, unless agreed otherwise between the two teams.

The team manager of the team needing the alternate tops will need to contact the uniform coordinator by 8pm on the Monday before the game to arrange pick up of the tops.

On the day of the clash round the team manager must also correct the player numbers in the computerised scoring system prior to the game commencing.

After the game the team manager is also responsible for organising the collection, cleaning and return of the alternate tops to the uniform coordinator.