COVID – 19 Updated 23 Nov 2020

Basin Wildcats – Returning to Basketball!

Update 23 Nov 2020

Hi All Wildcats,

We have just received the following updates from Knox on the return to basketball. All information is provided as it was to the club. If you have any questions please let us know or contact Knox basketball directly.

Further Information From KBI

Please find below update from Basketball Victoria after yesterday’s Victorian Government announcement.

Please also refer to the attachment from Knox Basketball Director of Basketball David Ingham and some Return to Training guides.

Please also ensure you are aware of the below:

  • Junior Domestic Competition will start as planned on Saturday 28th November, 8am sharp
  • Grading fixtures will be released ASAP (no later than 5pm Wednesday 25th November)
  • All junior domestic games will have an extra “referees timeout” per half to ease our kids into game day fitness (allowing ample rest periods)
  • Coaches need to use all other available timeouts each half and make sure their players receive ample rest periods 
  • State Government Restrictions allow for 25% capacity of 1 per 4m2 in our venues 
  • Basketball Victoria guidelines are 50 max per court so KBI will monitor court numbers based on the State Govt ruling at all times (limits excludes coaches, officials, team or club volunteers & venue staff)
  • Parents and spectators must adhere to all Covid safety guidelines, such as social distancing, hand sanitising etc   
  • Masks must be worn at all times whilst indoors by spectators, staff, volunteers & officials (except when playing, eating or drinking) 
  • Coaches, Parents and Players must leave the court and exit our venues immediately after their game has finished (to allow time for Covid cleaning before the next game)
  • If we reach our patron density limits – KBI reserves the right to ask any person to exit the venue to maintain our legal requirements under State Govt restrictions
  • Our main focus will be adhering to State Govt restrictions and offering a safe environment for all our members   

A Reminder to all Coaches…..please remember that your players may be unfit and out of game shape with such a long period without playing.  They will be very eager to get out there and play but it’s your duty to make sure they are rested properly and not over exerted.  The next four rounds of competition are designed purely to ease your players back into the game slowly.  KBI recommends short bursts on the court with plenty of rest and lots of bench rotations.  If you see a player is over-exerting themselves please sub them off and make sure they stay hydrated. This will reduce any potential for injuries as they build back their game day fitness. 

Further Information from Basketball Victoria

Basketball Victoria is pleased to confirm the return of indoor basketball for participants of all ages across Victoria following the Premier’s announcement on Sunday 22 November and the subsequent Restricted Activity Directions from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Announced as part of the Victorian Government’s move to Last Step Restrictions, further information on how this affects sport and leisure is also available via the Sport and Recreation Victoria website.

Basketball Victoria has made the following updates in line with our Return to Sport Guidelines based on DHHS Restricted Activity Directions, effective as of Sunday 22 November at 11.59pm.

In principle, basketball can return under the Orange-50 category of Basketball Victoria’s Return to Sport Guidelines, subject to the following:

  • Venues with an Occupancy Permit of less than 600 people are subject to a maximum capacity of 150 people per venue, 50 people per court (as per Orange-50 RTS) or 1 person per 4m2 whichever is the lesser; 
  • Venues with an Occupancy Permit of more than 600 people are subject to a maximum capacity of 25% of the occupancy, 50 people per court (as per Orange-50 RTS) or 1 person per 4m2 whichever is the lesser. 
  • Under Orange-50 guidelines, parents and guardians are limited to 1 person per participant – under 18.
  • Approved face coverings should be worn by all patrons over the age of 12 years, on arrival and departure from the stadium and at any time when not participating. Referees, coaches or other people in non-exertive roles must wear a face mask unless a lawful exemption applies. 
  • Players and officials may choose to wear a mask during competition, provided that the masks are made of a non-abrasive, soft material such as paper or cloth and attached to the ears with elastic. Those choosing to wear a mask whilst playing basketball or officiating should seek medical advice prior to doing so to ensure they understand any personal risks associated with wearing a face mask during physical exercise. They should limit their court time and if experiencing shortness of breath or dizziness you should immediately take a break until they return to normal and consider removing the mask. 
  • Where the maximum capacity for the facility is 500 or more, a COVIDsafe Plan for the facility must be published on the facility’s Internet site. Basketball Victoria recommends all venues have a COVIDsafe Plan in place. 


  • Employees and venue staff are excluded from Venue & Group Cap; 
  • Referees, coaches and other Team Officials are excluded from the Venue & Group Cap; 
  • Parents/Guardians are included in the Venue Cap, but excluded from the Group Cap. 

Bio-Safety Officer
While not mandated by DHHS, Basketball Victoria’s Return to Sport Guidelines require a Bio Safety Officer to be appointed whenever stadiums are active to assist with and monitor associations compliance with Orange-50 guidelines.

QR Code Reporting
Basketball Victoria also recommends the use of QR codes for all patrons to ensure sufficient attendance records are maintained over the coming months as we return to sport. 

Additional Information
Return to Sport Guidelines – Full Document
One Page Summary – 23 November
Click here for Orange-50 Diagram

Update 20 Nov 2020

With competition looking to start on the 28th of Nov 2020, there are a few guidelines the club, players and spectators will need to be aware of. We have included copies of the information below that has been provided to us by Basketball Victoria and Knox Basketball Association and will continue to update these as new information becomes available.

Please take the time to read the player guide at a minimum as this will give you the details of how the competition will be run and other little things like how you need to check in and out of a venue. If you have any questions please contact the club and we will get to your queries as fast as we can. We are a little busy with putting teams together so please be patient if you don’t get an immediate response.