Each team is required to have a Team Manager nominated to assist the coach in the running of the team.

The team manager’s contact details will need to be advised to the club secretary as they will be the main point of contact for the club for their team. A team manager cannot be a relation or partner of the coach.

Team Manager Responsibilities

  • Prepare a Scoring Roster – to ensure the responsibility of scoring is shared across the team.
  • Assist parents who are new to scoring in learning how to score. 
  • Advise parents how to access fixtures via websites or Apps. 
  • Ensure all parents and coach are aware of games by sending SMS reminders. 
  • Ensure all players are entered correctly into the computer scoring system – correct names, number and attendance at game ticked on correctly. 
  • Assist coach with organising fill in players when necessary and add the fill in players details to the computer. Remember to check with the relevant coordinators prior to using a fill in player. The club secretary must be advised of any fill in players. 
  • Arrange alternate tops for clash games (lower team to organise). 
  • Ensure club issued first aid kit is available at training and game days. 
  • Forward club information/messages on to the team as required. 
  • Familiarise yourself with the club policies.

 Download Team Manager Information Pack