PLEASE NOTE: The date for the AGM is currently subject to change due to a date clash that will affect a large number of our members. This will be updated as soon as possible.

Dear Members, 

I would like to invite you all to attend our Zoom (online) based Basin Wildcats AGM to be held on the 10th of December starting at 7:30
The format of this AGM will obviously be a little different from previous years due to COVID restrictions for large gatherings. So we will be posting our reports and financial statements on our website for you to review in your own time. We then ask that you send any questions you have to either myself or the appropriate club representatives with an indication of whether you would like them answered on the night with all attendees or whether you would simply like a return email. 

We expect the AGM to be significantly faster than previous meetings and we are hoping for a large show of support from our members. We need to attain a certain number of attendees to make the AGM official. 

On a final note, we are looking to fill several key positions in the club to keep it going. Several of our volunteers no longer have given their time in these positions for a number of years and we need the next wave of volunteers to step up and take on some of these jobs to keep our kids playing basketball at this great club! If you are interested in learning about or taking on one of these roles please let the president know by email at
The agenda for the AGM is described below.

The meeting link is: 81233073723?pwd= cGtHZDFJOENyYjZRRlRDTTQ2Q2lqZz 09
Meeting ID: 812 3307 3723
Passcode: 430174

  • Welcome Message
  • Apologies
  • Review of Previous AGM Minutes (Available on Website)
  • Presidents Report
  • Acceptance of Treasurers Report
  • Acceptance of Girls and Boys Co-ordinator Reports
  • Fundraising Report
  • Election of Office Bearers (Positions Vacant Listed Below):
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • New General Committee Members are always welcome
  • Meeting Close