Updated 10th July 2020

Returning to Basketball

Hi All Wildcats,

With the announcement of a new lockdown period, KBI has announced several new plans for a varying start date for the new season. The only thing we know is that we still need to plan teams and get players entered into the new PlayHQ system ASAP. So KBI is asking that we continue to get your registrations in and to plan teams so that when we are ready to go, there is nothing holding us back.

So if you can please register your kids for the new season using this link: Winter 2020 Registration for Basin Wildcats before the 29th of July 2020. This will be $25 for 17 year olds and under and $39 for 18 years old and over.

The only fee we are asking for is the annual BV registration which will not start until your first game so it doesn’t hurt to pay this during this time of uncertainty. If you are a former member and don’t intend to play in the new season, whatever it looks like, can you please let us know.

* NOTE: Dates and times are still subject to change as we navigate the return to Basketball under COVID restrictions which are ever-changing

Canceled Season Fees

At present Knox is working through their financial plan and how they are going to handle clubs that paid for rounds 12 onwards that weren’t played. It looks like this will take the form of some sort of credit to clubs that we will pass on to members at future registrations. As soon as we know more we will update members on what options are available.

Registration & Fees

Currently, we are not accepting payments for registration fees. We are only taking BV subscriptions as described above. Until we know what the new season will look like we have no idea what the fees will be. Once it is confirmed we will issue invoices to everyone.

So the good news is for the new Winter 2020 season the Basin Basketball club will be able to offer all existing members a $35 discount per child which is in compensation for the 5 games that were missed due to the COVID cancellation of the season. This will mean that we have to do registrations slightly differently.

If you have any questions, or any issues using the online registration process, please contact either the President at ​president@basinwildcats.com​ or Secretary at secretary@basinwildcats.com​ for assistance.

Resuming Competition Under Orange 50

There will be a number of changes in the way we attend, watch, train and play basketball under the Orange 50 restrictions that will be in place for at least the first 4 games of the Winter 2020 season. We have attempted to address the main points below and have also included a link to the resources provided by KBI and Basketball Victoria which will hopefully address most of your questions but if you have further questions please contact us and we will answer or point you in the direction of someone who can help you out.
Number of Players/Parents Allowed at Training and Games At present, the advice is that each player can be accompanied by 1 parent/guardian. Each team can have 1 coach and one team manager who will double as the Biosafety officer for each team. No siblings are allowed in the stadium during games or training.

Biosafety Officers

The club is required to nominate a biosafety officer to be present during all training sessions held at venues outside of Knox (Boronia) and SBC. This means all teams that train at Fair Hills and The Basin Primary School will need to nominate a single Biosafety Officer who will be responsible for the following: ● Recording the number of players ● Recording the number of spectators ● Ensuring all basketballs have been sanitized before entering the stadium (sanitizer will be supplied) ● Ensure the bench is sanitized after everyone has left.

At this point, we are looking for the Team Managers to take on this role, however, if there are other members in the team who would like to help we can take up to 1 other assistant. Details on how this will all work will be sent out as it is finalised.

Arriving at your Games/Venues

Signing In Each venue will have a designated entrance and exit. When arriving, you will be required to check-in using either a link shown below or the QRCode that will be on the entrance door. Once you have signed in DON’T CLOSE THE APP SCREEN! You will be required to show the door attendant that you have signed in successfully. Otherwise, you will need to repeat the process.
SBC: ​bit.ly/sbccheckin
Boronia: ​bit.ly/boroniacheckin
Please check in no earlier than 5 minutes before entering the venue.

Once inside please complete the following steps:
1. Sanitise your basketball (training only, no basketballs are to be brought to games)
2. Sanitise your hands
3. Follow social distancing rules and proceed to your court.
Completing your Games Once your game is complete, please leave the stadium within 5 minutes. This allows the onsite Biosafety officers time to clean the venue and equipment in time for the next game to start.

Arriving at Training

Signing In Training sessions will still be 1 hour blocks but they will be broken up as follows:

  • 5 Minutes : Enter the stadium, sanitize your basketballs and hands and sign in. If you are at Knox we believe you can use the sign in app. If you are at Fair Hills or The Basin PS you will need to fill in the check-in sheet. As an extra precaution, if you need to sign in maybe bring your own pen.
  • 40 Minutes : Training time
  • 5 minutes : Everyone is to leave the stadium promptly. Parents/Guardians will need to pick up their kids and return to their cars as quickly as possible to allow others to arrive for the next session and minimize crossover contact.
  • 10 Minutes : Biosafety officers will clear all the required surfaces and review/submit the sign in sheets to knox if training was held at Fair Hills or The Basin PS.

Leaving Training

As mentioned above, you will need to leave training as soon as possible to avoid contact with other teams and allow time for the Biosafety Officers to clean ready for the next training session.

COVID Information

Further information on how games and training will go forward will be distributed to all members in the coming weeks. Some initial information can be found in the following presentation provided by Knox. This talks about changes to venus operations, attending games and training sessions and steps to take to make sure environments are safe for participating in basketball.