Registration and Clearance

Knox Clearances
If you have been playing for a different team in the Knox Basketball Association and wish to play for The Basin, you will need a clearance.
  • You must be a financial member of your club without outstanding fees to get a clearance.
  • Except under special conditions, clearances close after the first week of any given season
  • All clearances are now done on line by the clubs. Contact the secretary, Natalie Gourley who can generate and submit a clearance on your behalf

If you have played in another association (eg Kilsyth), and not Knox, you will not need a clearance, but you will need to complete a Knox Registration Form.

Knox Registration
If you are new to Knox Basketball, you will also need to complete a Knox Registration Form.

.Contact the Boys or girls Coordinator if you need one of these forms

Basin Registration
New Basin Players should complete a Club Registration Form

When you join the club you can download a Club Registraion form.  Download a Club Registraion Form